1861, named for when the St. George area was first settled, is an elegant, upscale restaurant featuring food from local and regional growers and ranchers, as well as delicious, scratch-made cocktails.

Dining at 1861 relies on regional cuisine, incorporating local staples and organic treasures. Community tastes are also considered and woven into every menu to keep things new and fresh. With extraordinary chefs who love the art of cooking, patrons will always find something they like on the extensive 1861 menu.

Seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Fresh produce, whole grains, and lean proteins. Fresh herbs and spices to minimize sugar, fat, and salt. Vegetarian and alternative diets. Ingredients tracked from the source for accountability. Minimized use of GMOs and pesticides. Daily specials.

Private Room

An intimate and cozy environment, the restaurant features gold accents and elegant artwork.